1400 hp twin turbo BMW M3

By making use of a twin turbocharged setup, a 1400 plus horsepower BMW M3 was created. The ability to create such a high performance monster is thanks to BMW and the performance builder. BMW vehicles come with high performance engines and the ability to run boost due to their high caliber of assembly methods. They overcompensate to bring us higher quality engines that perform better and last longer. Add some performance parts and methods to this equation, and you can easily achieve a 1400 horsepower daily driver and drag strip monster.

Twin turbo charging these motors is the best when it comes to gains. Other vehicles have taken advantage of swapping the M3 engine into lighter weight chassis, and performing the same modifications. The most extreme would be the Peugeot with 325 turbo swap found here. Other vehicles have used the BMW chassis and performed an engine swap instead. The coolest is the Toyota Supra engine swap into a BMW M3. Overall, the world of BMW performance is vast and respected for both chassis and engine properties.

After performing extensive modifications, this BMW M3 is able to run a very fast quarter mile time of 7.83 seconds at 179.58 miles per hour. That's an extremely fast vehicle, and is extremely respected for it's speed. BMW appears to focus of the racing aspect of creating luxury vehicles that are dependable. I commend them for creating such race inspired products. Enjoy the following clip of a 1400 horsepower BMW M3 ripping down the quarter mile.

Video content: 1400 horsepower BMW M3

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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