'BP Invigorate' might be bad for your engine!

The latest from BP gas is called "Invigorate" and is basically the same thing as Shell's Nitrogen Enriched gasolines. BP has created a similar catch phrase for adding more detergent to your fuel. If it worked for Shell, why not right? BP claims the same properties as Shell's Nitrogen Enriched formula but fails to mention nitrogen. BP calls it a "unique formula" which is basically saying nothing. Before you go sticking new fuels into your car, make sure you know what's going in there.

The good...

For most vehicles this gasoline is going to be okay. But, as discussed with Nitrogen Enriched article, if BP's Invigorate is making use of the same nitrogen technology then you might not want to use this in your sports car or specialty vehicle. Highly tuned vehicles that run specified fuel maps for racing are not going to like running the nitrogen based fuel cleaners because they will create an unsuitable air to fuel ratio condition. Nitrogen is an inert gas, so it doesn't burn. If you have X amount of nitrogen in your gasoline more than normal, that same percentage is going to deduct the total burn. By using nitrogen based cleaners for your gasoline, you're tinkering with the possibility of blowing up your motor.

The bad...

Should the mixture run the car too lean, it can cause detonation and engine destruction. Users of high boost and forced induction should also stay away from these nitrogen based cleaning additives. Sure they claim it cleans your engine, but they fail to mention they are putting something that isn't gasoline into each gallon pumped. That something is much cheaper than gasoline, and that's the profit margin they are appealing to; not the motorist. So next time you go and fill up, remember that Shell and BP now "cut" their gas with detergent.

The ugly!

This is where only speculation holds just but the reasoning is still logical. If BP is using the same formula that is found in Shell's Enriched formula, it's a very high probability the solution is a derivative of  bio fuels. If it is, there is a high chance this fuel additive may be an amide of a free fatty acid which is made from increased recent agriculture developments. Amides of a free fatty acid are less powerful bases that are pretty stable and are great lubricants, but yield fungi growth and destroy painted and plastic surfaces. Should this formulation contain an amide of free fatty acid, it's gets worse. The burning affect of this type of fuel releases NxOy which is 200 times worse than Co2 and will return to the earth as falling rain. If the ugly is the truth, there will be some major discoveries that could possibly point to "nitrogen" fuels as the culprit.

So basically, this new generation of fuels advertised to clean your engine actually put it in harms way, create massive algae growths, and emit a pollution that is 200 times worse than Co2. Prove it right? Well until the gas companies release a detailed composition list of what exactly is in these fuels then we have the right to educative guessing based on theories of modern chemical composition. Now there is two fuel companies out there cutting fuel with a new super snake oil that is unknown. There's probably a reason it's a "unique" or "proprietary" blend. It could possibly have nitrogen like Shell, but that's just a speculation too. The BP blend could be completely new and unique and employ no nitrogen detergent.  Another mystical gas formulation, I wonder what is in this one? It would be nice if they would let us know.

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