Ride inside of AMS EVO at Redline Time Attack finals!

Taking a front seat in the AMS Evo during finals is quite an exhilarating ride. The driver Paul Gerrard sure knows how to swiftly navigate the perils and corners of the 2009 Redline time attack finals. Pushing the Evo X to the limit, he swiftly passes cars and make racing look easy. Even though it appears easy, it is not. There are many variables to consider during a race like this. In order to land the top position, you must have the fastest lap time out of all the other competitors. This takes a combination of skills from both the driver and performance team in order to win the challenge. They must work together in synchronization to fix the flaws of the vehicle, and modify it to be faster according to the driver's style.

The AMS Evo didn't always run this smoothly. A couple of months ago this car caught on fire during a similar race due to a faulty power steering hose. One incorrect mishap like that can cause the team a complete failure if not treated promptly. Imagine if the fire had gotten out of control and the car was a total loss! Hours of wrench time and countless dollars invested would be lost. Racing is about pushing the edge, and with a little bit of luck combined with skill you just might win.

Winning leads to more sponsors and more money to help build the car better for next season, and line your pockets during the process. This is the world of racing, now we get a front seat during the glory moments. Enjoy the following footage of inside the AMS Evo X during the 2009 Redline time attack finals. Hold on tight! This is one wild ride. For more information visit the AMS blog

Video content: Ride inside of AMS EVO at Redline Time Attack finals! 

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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