The best donk burnout videos!

Watching donk burnout videos is fun and exciting, especially since the wheel's burning rubber are massive! Setup like a truck but with a luxury, long body sedan the donk vehicles typically have extremely high performance motors inside. The luxury long body Cadillac, Lincoln, Chevy, Ford, or Pontiac have plenty of room for upgrading. A large V8 with upgraded transmission, custom suspension, and custom drive train is needed to perform the donk burnout with out breaking anything. The huge wheels combined with extreme axle angles make it very likely to break down during a donk burnout session, but with the right parts this can be avoided. Below you will see the top three donk burnout videos on YouTube.

The first video shows a 30 inch donk setup named "Garfield" pulling massive donuts and power brake burnouts and has reach 80,000+ views. The amount of torque needed to turn such a large wheel under these conditions could only be met by a large V8. Small or large blocks are typically used along with high performance transmissions in order to take the massive abuse. It looks like the first vehicle shown below has everything upgraded, including a nice paint job. Surprising, the donk rides are actually quick for their size and are very high performance. Not all donks upgrade the performance, but those that are true to the donk methods will upgrade as much as possible. It's about going big, and that means motor too.

Video content: donk burnout video #1

The second video shows a 1972 Chevrolet Impala donk burnout with use of a 305 cubic inch motor that has a total of 40,000 views. The smaller of the Chevrolet small block series, the 305 has enough power to rotate 26" rims plus donk drive train. A very nice show of performance, the small block V8 screams out a beautiful symphony of eight cylinders roasting chrome. It is truly magnificent to see such a unique vehicle with so much power.

Video content: donk burnout video #2

The third and final video is the best of the series regarding views, but doesn't feature a nice long roast session. Smoking out the tires for only a short time, this donk burnout on 24's is complimented by a beautiful candy green paint scheme. Not sitting as tall as the other donks in this series, it would be a more likely candidate for a burnout contest. To see a machine with so much detail and shiny attributes roasting tires is a very special performance blend. One look at the vehicle and it appears large, slow, and unable to handle well. If the donk is built right, it can be almost as fast and agile as a performance truck. The world of donk performance is new and vast, enjoy the final clip.

Video content: donk burnout video #3

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