New Corvette totalled by telephone pole

On Gulf Road, a C6 Corvette was wrecked into a light post! Both of the airbags were deployed and the car was easily totaled. Looking at the footage below thanks to "kuwaitrun" we get to see the aftermath of a nasty Corvette spill. It appears as if the crash was high speed, but yet the Corvette chassis remained strong with the passenger bubble still intact. The nice feature of a Corvette is the massive engine which absorbs the crash energy. The Corvette may appear to be small but it has plenty of crash resistance. Add a full roll cage and the vehicle would be excellent for track use. Even with this high impact crash and no obvious cage installed, the Corvette still held intact.

No idea how the wreck occurred, all we can do is speculate. Was it street racing, or a legit and lawful accident? The vehicle is damaged pretty badly, so the speed of the wreck is probably high. What could cause a car to land in the bushes and hit a light post? There is one fact, there is a C6 Corvette wrecked somewhere on Gulf Road, a place of palm trees and finely kept shrubbery outlined by brick walk ways. A great resting place for the once wild C6. Another one bites the dust!

Video content: Corvette smashed into light post

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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