Corvette debris takes flight at Sebring!

Recently a Corvette during an amateur run at Sebring lost control due to a tire blow out and hit the barrier at over 100 mph. According to the YouTube comment post, the driver is ok. Not much is known but there is some speculation around the incident. Possibly the driver went off course and then blew the tire, or the tire blew and then the car went off course. The end result was an nearly an explosion of performance part debris scattering into a wall like formation blocking off the course. This was by far the biggest wreck at Sebring in a long time. Discuss this article with

That last covered wreck at Sebring was the Impreza and Corvette "bumper cars" article. These two were racing head to head and ended up in the OB. I have a feeling this big wreck is similar, and the tire story is just hear say. I have no proof, but the racing at Sebring gets pretty heated and results in chaotic outcomes such as what we have here.

Local racers build up anxiety through inspired conversation that leads to the ultimate show down on the track. This could have been an extension of a driver's vendetta, or something as simple as an accident. We really don't know! Sebring is a track that tries the best of each driver. It's blend of high speed straights and slow to medium speed corners create a diverse environment. Eventually the track will have it's way!

 Video content: Corvette debris takes flight at Sebring!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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