Jet powered Datsun 280Z!

The Datsun 280Z, or known to the JDM world as "Zeto" is a very fast car that is capable of entertaining various engine swaps. Most of the time, enthusiasts will swap a small block into the small shell. Sounds fun right? Well this enthusiast takes the Datsun Z swaps to the next level and installs not just one, but two fully functioning jet engines. Creating enough thrust to rocket the car down the road around 80 mph, the jet powered Datsun Z is one amazing vehicle.

Apparently, the builder has created another jet powered vehicle beyond the twin jet Datsun. A Toyota MR2 was also modified with twin jet engines and sold on Ebay by the same builder. So the jet powered cars are definitely real, and this Datsun is actually powered by jet engines! This is totally amazing, but very dangerous. Jet exhaust is released with such high temperature levels, the whole thing could explode into flames at any moment. If there is a fuel leak, the car will catch fire very fast. Sure a jet car sounds fun, but they are super dangerous and shouldn't be used as a daily driver.

Consider this, a turbocharged car is pushing the limits because of temperatures created; now amplify that danger level by ten and you have a jet engine big enough to move your car. Danger is included in all of the fuel and oil lines required for the swap, extreme temperatures, and stability issues. Working off the same properties, both are extremely hazardous forms of modification. The safest out of all forced induction systems is probably the supercharger, because it sits on top of the intake manifold and doesn't make use of hot exhaust gases to create energy.

EGT's are released around 900 to 1200 degrees, which is plenty enough heat to set fire upon various plastic and fiber objects. Luckily, this Datsun Z avoids all flamage and stands strong in the desert for the following video because it was built right. Amazing work to the builder, for bringing the jet engine technology successfully into an automobile with out burning it to the ground. You sir are very talented, great work.

Video content: jet powered Datsun 280Z

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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