Volkswagen drifting FAIL! How does the curb taste?

I've seen some nasty wrecks before, but this Volkswagen Golf eating the curb during a failed drift attempt is timeless. The drifter crashes because he entered too fast, braked too late, and misjudged the angle of the corner. It's best if while your drifting you pay attention. It's not something to be doing while messing with the radio, talking on the phone, text messaging, etc. No matter how many times you drift or how much you pay attention, it's still possible to crash. This crash is pretty bad, but the vehicle isn't totaled. The rear suspension and chassis took all of the energy so there was minimal chassis damage.

Inspecting the wreckage, you can see that the wheel was fully collapsed upon impact. Key components of the rear lower suspension and axle have been destroyed! You can hear the loud bang of impact clearly as the car crunched to a stop. It's best to drift on a course as well, that way there is only cones and barrier walls. Once you've learned the nature of the beast, then you can try and tame it on more challenger private courses. Try to avoid curbs though, because you are bound to mess up from time to time! It only takes one split second to cause thousands of dollars in damage. This is why drifting is such a respected sport!

Video content: drift crash, Volkswagen Golf eats curb

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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