Biggest racing crash ever!

Back in the old days of racing, it was much more dangerous and exciting to drive 150 mph. During the 1960 Daytona race, the biggest NASCAR crash ever occurred. Thirty seven cars were wrecked coming out of turn four. To this date there is yet to be a larger NASCAR wreck yet. Modern technology and vehicles allow the crash rates to be drastically reduced. Spotters and radio equipment also reduce the wreck ratio because an alert there has been a crash can be transmitted more effectively. The audience is also much safer, as track fencing has been redesigned to meet modern standards.

The Daytona speedway has been home to another famous accident, the death of Dale Earnhardt. An accident again in turn four set another tragic date in NASCAR history. So what is up with turn four? Is turn four some kind of bad luck turn that is going to keep destroying cars? Turn four is located right before the front stretch and finish line. This is where all the anticipation of the lap builds up, and drivers try to keep or make time. Logically speaking, this is the most dangerous part of the lap and it's also statistically where most wrecks occur. Even back in the 1960's, NASCAR's biggest crash ever occurred on turn four. If I was racing Daytona, I'd take it easy on turn four!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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