Touge style drifting with 'Upslidedown'

Drifting a 240sx touge style is a very exciting and special variety of drifting. Typically, touge is reserved for high speed runs and drifting is rarely attempted. The sheer cliff face makes many drifters fail to temp the touge style drifting. RawB and "Upslidedown" have no fear and pursue the touge drift regardless of danger. Starting out with some warm up sessions in the back lot of a warehouse, the 240sx starts the video out with a couple of light poll slides. Then on to the danger!

Video content: 'Dori Edition' street drift

Sliding at speed through a curvy road in California's mountain ranges, RawB shows us just how a 240sx is properly setup to endure any variety of drifting. Ripping through multiple sets of tires, this touge drifting run is complimented with an awesome backdrop and soundtrack. Maintaining speed and running the touge is a very dangerous endeavor. One wrong move, and the car can catapult it's inertia the opposite direction of the corner and send the vehicle and drive flying right off the side of a cliff.

Opposing traffic in oncoming lanes is also a danger, but is normally diffused by using radiomen on either side of the purposed drifting zone. Signaling clear of traffic, the fun begins! As you watch through the video, pay special attention to the 240sx and it's keen ability to drift. A great driver and an awesome vehicle make this video very unique and entertaining. Do you like to drift? Check out !

Video content: Nissan 240sx touge drifting

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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