1400 hp twin turbo Ford GT

The Ford GT is a legendary American icon of high performance track style racing. Ideally setup with rear engine, rear wheel drive this vehicle from the factory has plenty of power and traction to plant us in our seats. Inspired by the original Ford GT, the modern Ford GT is considered the top supercar of America next to the Corvette ZR1. Building additional performance and adding exceptionally powerful modifications to this already fast car from the factory can really unleash an amazing driving experience.

Performance Power Racing of West Palm Beach, Florida is responsible for releasing this 1400 horsepower monster onto the streets. Cranking out this kind of power doesn't come easy nor cheap, and it is unknown the total amount invested to achieve this kind of power. Guaranteed that it wasn't cheap, no corners were cut in this perfect example of American high performance engineering. Florida is one of the leading states for automotive performance because we can build year round!

Running twin 76mm turbos at 36 p.s.i., this Ford GT is one of the most powerful GT's in the world. The following video shows the dyno footage and a brief street run of this amazing machine. Do you want to have your car built to this kind of awesome performance level? Contact Performance Power Racing and get started today!

Video content: Ford GT with 1400 horsepower

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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