Toyota Supra with big truck turbo

The JDM legendary Toyota Supra featuring a bolt on big truck turbo is one wild ride! Cranking out high amounts of power, crazy boost, and a super fast spool is how this JDM rocket rules the streets. The owner isn't shy about the power either, laying rubber at every chance possible. The rear end of this vehicle is very slide happy, torquing out to the side any time the throttle meets boost. Special thanks to our friend "Salman P" for bringing this awesome truck turbo swapped Supra to our attention! Swapping large turbos into the Toyota Supra is a common tuner practice, however a truck turbo is rare and unusual.

Using a truck turbo as opposed to performance or standard car turbo's is a great way to run lots of air with minimal boost lag if properly tuned. The massive truck turbo features a larger inlet as well as larger exhaust side housing, creating more CFM than a standard car turbo. This additional amount of air requires heavy fuel modifications, custom pipe work, and extensive tuning. Tuning for this massive amount of air, fuel, and power is not an easy task. Running borderline destruction, the ideal setup for power pushes the limits of the machine.

The Toyota Supra is ideal for large turbo upgrades because it comes stock with an excellent transmission capable of handling extreme amounts of power. Some of the later body style six speed transmissions feature Getrag internals that are setup for optimal power gains. This strong transmission design combined with specially developed internals can take any abuse you throw at it. The driver in the following video does an excellent job showing us just how brutal a Toyota Supra can be. Taking any punishment the driver desires, the Supra bounces back like a champ unscathed.

Video content: Toyota Supra big truck turbo

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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