186 mph ride in GT-R R34 through Japan

A highly respected JDM tuner "Signal" proved his capabilities of tuning the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R with a 186 mph freeway run during an interview. In Japan, the "Wangan" style high speed racing is all about respect and honor. Whoever can make the coolest car drive the fastest down the road without killing themselves or others gets the most respect. Within these factions of JDM performance, being the most respected has it's perks. Within your circle, if you have the fastest car then you will be the flagship for that group. It's all about being able to stand out in a crowd, and a 186 mph Skyline R34 GT-R does a great job of doing just that.

Throughout the video, you can see the R34 has a great ability to accelerate and hold top speed with great handling. A smooth vehicle that is properly balanced and powered can defeat the Wangan style challenges. The problem with high speed runs is that it pushes the mechanical limits of the vehicle and that parts break down. If anything breaks, it could be fatal. Running at such high speed, the driver will spend countless hours preparing for a single run. The vehicle is prepared and cared for nearly identical to an aircraft due to the danger involved with the speeds they endure. It's no surprise that Wangan contenders are often members of aviation!

If your vehicle is purpose built for high speed, quarter mile, off road, etc. please take the time to properly prepare it for each use. A few minutes spent ahead in preparation can save your life, tons of money, and plenty of embarrassment. The guy below needs to spend more time in preparation before blowing his car up during an interview, doh! Enjoy the ride, this is undoubtedly the safest way to ride 186 mph through Japan; from the comfort of your computer.

Video content: 186 mph through Japan in a Skyline GT-R R34

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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