Toyota Supra hits the parachute then drive-thru

Testing a Toyota Supra's parachute system on the road is about as wild as it gets. Imagine yourself in the oncoming traffic and you see and hear a Supra zoom past deploying it's parachute. That's crazy! After a quick road test of the chute, what completes this fun activity? Fast food of course. You can't have fast cars without enjoying fast food. The bad part is that it's not always easy to take high powered vehicles that require parachutes through a drive through. This is a great sign of easy drivability, something that all daily driven performance builds thrive for.

To land a high powered daily driver, it takes careful tuning and planning to ensure the vehicle can stay running long and cool enough to handle traffic, parking lots, drive through food service, and more. The true test of the builder's and tuner's skills, a high powered daily driver is never an easy task.Creating too much power will break stuff, so those parts must be replaced ahead of time. Typically, daily driven performance vehicles take years to build and are always breaking down. So are they really a daily drivable vehicle?

The whole daily driven concept has two distinct factions. One faction thrives on creating as much power as possible while still maintaining daily drivability. These are the fun builds, yielding over 1,000 horsepower and yet still driven on public roads. Modifications of this group include entire overhauls, transmission and drive line rebuilds, custom chassis and suspension, and forced induction with rebuilt internals and fuel system. Then there is the second type of enthusiasts, and their goal is to build a decently fast vehicle but nothing huge. Goals for these folks are anywhere from 350 to 700 whp depending on the vehicle application. Mods usually include basic bolt on parts and an ECU tune. Whichever group you fall into, all vehicles are appreciated no matter what the power level.

Video content: Toyota Supra parachute tested on the street

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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