Water powered car hits 200+ mph in two seconds!

Water powered vehicles have been around for a long time, but didn't become popular until increased gas prices. The need for a cheaper and alternative fuel to gasoline is great, as the realization of the dependency on oil is met. Water, an abundant source is an ideal energy medium. An energy that is derived of water is steam, which has been the universal energy for transportation since day one. Old water powered cars were slow, but not anymore. The world record was set by a 15,000 horsepower water powered car that reached 213 miles per hour in just two seconds flat.

The overall path of where the automotive world is heading is towards green technology. The realization of all green ideals are firmly settling in the consumers minds when making a vehicle purchase. Now more than ever people want a water powered vehicle. So I ask you, if they can make it go 200 miles per hour in two seconds then why can't I get one that goes 70 mph for at least 100 miles per gallon of water for under $10,000 USD?

The reason I'm low balling the water powered car market is because there is pretty much nothing to them. You need a tank to hold water, a pump to move that water into another tank for heating, a heating source, and a drive line to convert this energy into a usable force. There really isn't much to it, and it's much simpler and more cost effective than EV technology. So why haven't we heard about water powered cars?

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