Ferrari F430 up in flames!

Despite it's hefty $300,000 USD sticker price, the Ferrari just like other high priced vehicles isn't immune to the occasional fire. Due to it's high performance and extreme heat output, the Ferrari is considerably more susceptible to fires than your average economic car. The Ferrari F430 is a race car with the frills you'd expect from a luxury vehicle, but it is still a race car. It is well known that race cars catch on fire, so a Ferrari F430 prepared well-done should be no surprise.

If you are an owner of a Ferrari with concerns about fire, there are a few precautions you can take. The easiest thing to do is keep an eye on the temperature gauge. If you're sitting in traffic and the temperature starts to rise past normal operating levels, this increases the chance of fire. Turn on the heater to effectively use the heating system to dissipate thermal energy. The fan blowing over the hot coolant filled heater core can lower operating temperatures dramatically. If the temperature continues to rise, turn the vehicle off and open the engine bay. Remember that heat rises, so stay out of the path of thermal energy when opening the hood.

Even if the engine isn't overheating, there is still a chance of fire occurring. Try pressurizing the fuel system and sniffing around under the hood. Also, pay special attention to to fuel and power steering lines that are exposed to exhaust heat, or located directly above hot exhaust pipes. If you know your vehicle and pay attention to it, you can easily catch a fire hazard long before it devours your pride and joy. A few seconds every day spent performing basic routine check-ups can literally save your vehicle.
Ferrari's are basically street legal race cars, and race cars should be treated as volatile as aircraft.

Perhaps you have heard of the intense FAA regulations regarding pre-flight checks? You should replicate this check list but with an automotive twist. Paying attention can literally save your life, your car, and loads of embarrassment and hassle. Had the owner below paid attention to their vehicle, this video would probably not be here for us to view.

Video content: Ferrari fire, F430 well-done

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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