BMW smashes into tree during hoonage session

Trees are very unforgiving in a crash, especially the trees in the Latvian forest. During a pseudo rally run in a classic BMW, the novice driver becomes a victim of under-steer and wrecks dead on into a tree. Luckily, they weren't traveling very quick or the devastation could have been massive. Tree wrecks typically don't end as classy as this one, making it very unique. Not only does the low impact speed keep the occupant safe, the massive big body BMW has plenty of metal between the driver and tree to act as a barrier. Rallycross is dangerous, and whisking through the snow covered forest only increases these dangers.

How did this happen? Pay special attention to the bouncing action of the suspension as the BMW traverses the snow covered trail. Each time the suspension is decompressed, steering is reduced. When the trail is slick and is snow covered, sand, or ice you need optimal steering at all times. Watch closely as the last "bang" maxes out the suspension. Yep, that's where they messed up! Had they planned for the change in suspension the BMW probably could have drifted through the corner.

Rally is considered an art form, and either you can do it; or you fail miserably. If you have plans of attempting an amateur rally like this guy, make sure you understand the physics of what you're doing before you take off down a path. Two minutes spent scoping out the path and planning can literally mean the difference between life or death! There is a reason why rally drivers have a navigator.

Video content: Classic BMW wrecked into tree

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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