1967 USA GP at Watkins Glen

For this holiday weekend as we celebrate America's independence, let's take a trip back to Watkins Glen 1967.Racing has come a very long way, and that's easy to see by watching any vintage racing clip. The following racing clip comes from the classical days of vintage race cars, racers, and tracks. Things were different back then, but yet still had the same gist; win! Racing is racing, and even though the cars have changed the driving spirit has not.

According to Wikipedia, the 1967 United States Grand Prix race was a Formula 1 race which was held on October 1, 1967. Racing around the infamous Watkins Glen Race Course located in Watkins Glen, New York these cars zipped through corners with astounding speed and handling for their time. Of course compared to modern F1, these cars suck. Sad but true, even though they suck compared to the modern F1 they will still give most modern street legal sports cars a run for their money. Averaging 125 mph around Watkins Glen is not easy!

The story behind the race is just like most other historical races. There's a prize, stiff competition, and extensive mechanical challenge. The winner of this race actually limped his car through the final two laps, and still managed to stay seconds ahead of his team mate. Had he lost, the team still would have won; but it's not the same. Their might be driving teams, but all drivers want to win regardless of association. First place is winning, second place is the first loser. If they land third, at least they got something. In my opinion, third is better than second! I love modern racing, but we can't forget the roots. Enjoy the following time machine into racing past!

Video content: Vintage racing clip, 1967 United States Grand Prix

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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