10 year old boy drifts a car!

A seven-year old child has been recorded performing one of the most dangerous automotive stunts in the world! Saudi drift is the most insane, crazy, and dangerous form of drifting known to man. Starting the drift at speeds well above 60 miles per hour, the point of Saudi drift is to spin as many times as possible but yet still maintain control and keep the car moving. Read more about Saudi drift by clicking here, then continue reading. As you can see, this stunt performed by even the most advanced driver is still very dangerous. There's a reason behind the age requirement to drive on the road, but you don't need a license to drift!

I'm sure some of you are completely shocked at the fact a seven year old boy was captured behind the wheel performing a very dangerous stunt. Indeed, this is totally wrong in every way and should not be attempted, but let's not focus on the typical "dark side" of the story. Of course I could go on a rant how this is child endangerment, wrong, etc. But why do that? We'll leave that part up to the readers. I just love reading your comments. Keep it clean though, I can delete them.

So what could possibly be positive about this? First of all, he's driving the car on what appears to be a safe road. There is traffic in the background, but no immediate vehicles on the road he's currently drifting. Even though it's scary to watch, this young chap does an amazing job! Imagine with years of practice how good he'll be at Saudi drift! Hold on to your keyboards as this Saudi youngster drifts his Pop's car with the greatest of ease. Would you let your child Saudi drift? Comment below!

Word to the parents of this young drifter: Your child is an incredibly talented driver, you should really get him involved in sanctioned motorsports! His future could be really bright if you make the right moves, now. Start with vehicles more suitable to his age such as go-karts, dirt bikes, ATV's, etc. As he progresses, he'll eventually end up racing professionally if my estimations are correct. This might be a dangerous and controversial video, but give the kid some props; he's got mad skills behind the wheel!

Video content: Child driver performs dangerous Saudi drift

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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