Street racing FAIL: launching into busy intersection

There's a reason street racing is illegal, and this clip does a great job illustrating the reason behind it's legality. When racing on public roads, especially in the city, there are too many unforeseen and unknown variables to safely traverse at a high rate of speed. If it was safe, the speed limit would be 70 mph like on the interstate. Racing in Russia, these street racers learn the hard way as they launch behind a blind intersection. After just clearing first gear, out of nowhere they are t-boned and both destroyed. It's a gamble every time, and sometimes people loose. Let's take a moment for a brief "anti-street racing" PSA.

What's wrong with street racing? The problem arises mostly during street racing when care is not taken. During your average street race, there is at least some common sense involved and the race is taken to the outskirts and rural areas. Even though it's still not safe and legal to race in these areas, it's definitely a better idea than racing in the city. Sure racing in the city looks cool, and makes you feel like you're in Tokyo Drift. But the truth is that your entering a death gauntlet that swings massive failure at you every time you cross an intersection. Will it hit me this time? Probably not, but eventually it will.

What if these cars didn't just launch, and had been traveling at speeds above and well into 100 mph? There would have been a total catastrophe and probable loss of life of the drivers and possibly some innocent bystanders as well. It's unknown the condition of these illegal street racers, but chances are they were more than hung over the next morning. After waking up two months later from a coma, I'm not sure which is more shocking; knowing that you killed your best friend, or facing the five years of prison time. If street racing goes sour, you'll either end up dead or in prison. For that reason, it's pretty obvious why most people keep it on the track despite illegal street racing's amazingly low fatality rate. If we want to keep our most favorite past time, we have to get idiots like these guys (or girls!) out from behind the wheel; they make us all look bad! The track is so much more fun too, you really have to try it.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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