200 mph Plymouth Barracuda 'LMC Super Cuda'

This is not a normal Plymouth Barracuda, let me introduce you to the Super Cuda by LMC. Built for top speed performance with modified aerodynamics, suspension, and turbocharged forced induction this large vehicle can still break the infamous 200 mph zone. An amazing engineering task to bring the once heavy and bulk classic muscle car past the 200 mph mark, it takes many wrench hours and careful planning to achieve. Upgraded to over 1000 horsepower, it has the power to push it's somewhat square shape into the danger zone.

The challenge of building this vehicle was to see if a muscle car could be built to withstand a top speed as quick as modern exotics. Racing it against a Ferrari Enzo, it was actually quite comparable. There was some issues with aerodynamics though, as the hood kept wanting to take flight. Anytime you build a fast car that is going to be used for top speed it's always wise to use hood pins. Hood pins can save the hood, and prevent the vehicle from wrecking or damaging other vehicles. It might even save your life! All too often, hood pins get abused by those lacking the actual need. However, with this 200 mph Super Cuda, they are legitimately needed! Check out the following footage as LMC takes the Super Cuda to the next level and joins the highly desired 200 mph club. Great work!

Video content: Plymouth Barracuda reaches over 200 mph

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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