950 hp Audi RS6 Avant

Building an Audi RS6 Avant to withstand the abuse of 950 horsepower is easier than it looks. Surely at this tyrannical number of ponies, there must be extensive engine building! Wrong, the Audi RS6 Avant comes stock with twin turbo V10 engine pouring out 580 horsepower from the box. That means all the internals are already built to withstand extreme boost and the drive train can handle almost 600 horsepower under warranty. If Audi is willing to bet their warranty and service against the engine, you can safely assume the engine is built to withstand some major performance!

It get's better. Not only does this Audi posses the massive V10, twin turbos, and extensive hardened engine internals; it also features all-wheel drive. Building on Audi's ideology of "go anywhere power" similar to Subaru, the RS6 Avant is a very capable wagon. Take it off road down natures most difficult terrain to the cabin, or street race against the most hardcore group of JDM enthusiasts. Chances are that you will conquer both scenarios! There isn't much the Audi can't take, and when you add 950 horsepower to the equation it's a win win by blowout proportions.

This all-wheel drive Audi with almost 1,000 horsepower is going to be the target of many rally enthusiasts. Not many know it, but Audi has an extremely rich heritage when it comes to rally. Before the greatness of Colin Mcrae, Ken Block, Travis Pastrana and others there was the original rally days. These were the days of chaos and the builders were only limited to their abilities. This Audi RS6 with 950 horsepower reminds me of those days. Give the car a couple of years to drop into the price range of builders and you will see the RS6 Avant at an event near you.

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