2010 Camaro runs 9 second quarter mile!

Running a 9 second quarter mile is no easy task, but with the new 2010 Camaro chassis modified with a Model Racecraft LSX 427 and F1R Procharger, it is possible. Hooking up with Hoosier drag radials, the modified 2010 Camaro launches with rocket like propulsion to 9.98 @ 144.23 mph! A 6L80 automatic transmission connects the massive engine to the wheels, and then sweet power begins. The new 2010 Camaro chassis is ideal for drag strip modification. Looking at the weight balance of the vehicle, during a launch the majority of the weight is placed on the rear wheels providing additional traction when needed. Rear biased under launch yet well balanced under braking and casual driving, the 2010 Camaro chassis is on the radar of builders around the world.

This is the first 2010 Camaro to reach the infamous 9 second quarter mile time. David Brooks pushed his Camaro to the limit and succeeded. Let it be known for all automotive history that he was the very first to bring a fifth generation Camaro into the 9 second range. A job well done, this build has proved satisfactory by marking it's existence on the time slip. Not only was this run amazing and paving the way through history, it was caught on tape for us to enjoy. Check out the following video of David Brooks pushing his Camaro to the limit and being the first to reach a nine second quarter mile with the fifth generation Camaro chassis. Congratulations!

Video content: Modified 2010 Camaro runs 9 second quarter mile

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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