Fully autonomous manufacturing has finally arrived

The days of needing humans to build automobiles has come and gone. Welcome to the age of fully autonomous automotive manufacturing. Are you wondering where your job went? You have possibly been replaced by a robot. Or if you are like me and fresh out of college but can't find a job doing what your trained for, maybe a robot got your job instead. The reality is that autonomous manufacturing is here, and it's being used by all the big companies. Most people see automated manufacturing as the death of many jobs, but when in fact it actually creates more high paying jobs that are easier. Sounds good right?

To run a robotic factory, there is still a huge need for people. You need a CAD operator to create plans, a programmer to program the functions, a machinist for when the robots break down, and a list of engineers a mile long to develop the robotics. Using robotic manufacturing saves the company money, and in the end allows them to expand operations thanks to higher profits. Autonomous manufacturing cuts the price of vehicles dramatically, allowing for more sales thus leading to expansion. Ironically, robotics might actually create more jobs for us in the long run by allowing companies to survive the economic drought by giving them the slack they need during times of peril. Most of the time, what initially seems as a curse is actually a blessing in the end.

Sure at first it seems rotten because John Doe doesn't push buttons any more on the press, nor does Jane Doe work the crane operation to move the chassis from line to line. Just like 99% of you, I lost my job during this rough economy. The building industry in Florida collapsed and wallah, no need for architectural engineering and design. However, our children will have jobs if we prepare them for the robotic revolution. What do we do until then? I wish I only knew. The only thing we can do is just focus on the light at the end of the tunnel because it's there; and it's coming quicker than we think! By focusing your education on the various fields required for autonomous production, you can reserve your seat ahead of time and be guaranteed a job. A well paid job that is fairly easy, as you sit back "on call" for when robots break down, require new programming algorithms, and various servicing. Check out this video of BMW's autonomous manufacturing operation for an idea of what kind of jobs will be in demand and get prepared for the revolution!

Video content: BMW's fully autonomous automotive manufacturing process

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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