530 horsepower JIC Magic Mazda RX8

The JIC Magic Mazda RX8 sporting 530 horsepower is claimed to be the world's greatest RX8. Driven by living legend Keichi Tsuchiya, it is pushed to the limits as much as the rainy day will allow. It's a great track vehicle, but it lacks power under 4,000 RPM. This is a common condition amongst the rotary engines. Even though they possess an extremely high red line, the rotary engine is not flawless. Underpowered at low RPM, they also have a terrible history of high mileage horsepower loss. A rotary engine works with triangular pistons, and after time the tips of these triangles wear down. The rotary engine is a pure race engine at heart, and not designed for the high mileage tourist. Watch the video below and learn about rotary engines!

Video content: How does a rotary engine work?

Modifications of the JIC Magic RX8 include a REW engine swap, Garrett T04z turbo, HKS R-type front mount intercooler, fender mounted oil cooler, carbon fiber door panels, ORC clutch and flywheel, ATS LSD with 4.7 final drive, and JIC suspension. The vehicle has been completely modified and over 100 kilograms have been stripped to improve top speed, acceleration, and handling. Additional down force properly placed in the front and rear helps improve the acceleration and traction as well. There are many more modifications being used, those listed above are just a few that we know of. Major rebuilds like this do not lay out everything for public eyes.

Overall, the JIC Magic RX8 is a great vehicle for sport use. The high red line is great for boosting a turbo as well as maintaining a long power band. The engine is extremely light weight compared to conventional V and inline motors. The rotary engine actually is based on early aircraft engine designs. The rotary was ideal to drive a propeller as several standard cylinder pistons were arranged in circle. Each fire complimented the next by use of angles, eventually leading to a 360 degree firing cycle. The modern rotary engine makes use of triangles and a circular shaped cylinder. It's not perfectly round, and it's done this way to differentiate intake and exhaust cycles. Pay special attention to how the high RPM of the engine really takes advantage of centrifugal force. Once it starts to wind up, it quickly achieves red line.

Video content: JIC Magic RX8 with 530 horsepower

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