2010 Ford Shelby GT500 runs 9 second quarter mile!

The record for the fastest Ford Shelby GT500 was broken by Lethal Performance and almost wrecked on it's path to glory. The driver quickly pulled it back on to the track and continued down the quarter mile with out wrecking the vehicle. This automatic Ford Mustang GT500 turned over a 9.66 second quarter mile pass at 146.19 mph! That is mind boggling fast for this modified production vehicle.

The mods to accomplish this task include a four inch pulley on the 4.0 liter Whipple charged V8 at only 21.5 psi. Using C16 and no methanol, this is a blower only setup with no funny gas involved. With the addition of methanol, they could achieve a higher boost before blowing the engine to bits from detonation. There is no official word if they plan to use methanol, but they have stated in their YouTube video description they plan to make suspension improvements and push for better times. Discuss this article with CarDomain.com

There's still room for improvement, and if they can keep this thing driving straight down the track for one solid pass the record will be broke again. Then, when they up the boost to a higher pressure and take advantage of suspension and cheater gas tweaks this Shelby GT500 could easily see an eight second quarter mile time. At Lethal Performance they are building monsters and breaking records left and right! Enjoy the following clip of the currently fastest Ford GT500 in the country as of January 23, 2009.
Video content: Fastest 2010 Ford Shelby GT500 in the country

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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