Ferrari F430 special touge run

As claimed by one of the most honorable touge figures Keiichi Tsuchiya, "this car gives me the chills". Touge always pushes the limits of the vehicle, but not necessarily the driver. Driving the Ferrari F430 with all assistance programs turned off allows the vehicle to be pushed to it's true speed limits. Zipping through the corners and using the Ferrari's high RPM torque to muscle it's way out of drifting slides, the F430 creates an incredible touge experience. Watching this film you can easily see that this is one of the fastest touge vehicles to grace the circuit.

This touge test is completed in under four minutes, an incredibly fast time for such a long circuit. Countless corners and misleading straights create an unparalleled touge challenge. This is not an easy course! However, the Ferrari F430 combined with Keiichi's high level of skill makes this course look easily passed at high speeds. I assure you this is not correct. The average driver with the F430's assistance programs disengaged would lose control in the first few corners. To pass this course with such a fast time, it takes pushing the limits of both driver and vehicle. Enjoy the following footage, and hang on to your mouse! This is one wild ride.

Video content: Ferrari F430 touge circuit testing

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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