Manufacturing footage of Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is a very safe and reliable vehicle. Thanks to it's slightly heavier chassis, one can expect quality performance and safety from this modernized pony car. Using the most modern manufacturing processes, Chrysler has perfected the blend of automated and manual assembly. Robots completely seam weld the chassis, while under careful watch and quality control by human and machine eyes. The paint is performed in a clean room, free of dust and impurities. When everything is ready to be put into the vehicle, the workers are given the luxury of hydraulic lifters to reduce physical strain. The modern Dodge Challenger assembly process is much better for the vehicle, workers, and consumers.

A special behind the scenes tour of the Brampton Assembly Plant gives us a glimpse into what is normally considered trade secret information. Not everything is show, but we still get a good idea of how the Dodge Challenger is made. Robotics, hydraulics, and the smell of worked iron illuminate the scene. If you have ever been in a factory, you know the smell. The workers morale seems upbeat and happy, which is a sign of a company taking special care for the workers concern. Combine that high morale with modern precision machinery and you have one of the finest automobiles on the road.

Almost living in the lap of luxury from design inspiration to final product, the Dodge Challenger is a symbol of America's will to produce a fine automobile. It might not be the fastest car out there, but it sure is nice. This is a very safe vehicle too, check out the crash test analysis and you can see the result of engineering and manufacturing perfection at work. Out of the three modern pony cars, the Dodge Challenger is the best for crash resistance and passenger safety. Enjoy the free open house of the Brampton Assembly Plant as you watch how the Dodge Challenger is made.

Video content: Manufacturing process of the Dodge Challenger

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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