Naturally aspirated Honda CRX runs 11's

The Honda CRX, believe it or not is a very fast vehicle when properly modified. Some may look at this car and think it is slow, but that is totally false. The Honda CRX is one of the most popular tuning vehicles as a result of it's light weight and extremely potent motor. Thanks to the "Popeye" CRX by CMB-Tuning, an all motor CRX is capable of running an eleven second quarter mile time. No need to use a supercharger or turbocharger, the CRX when built properly can be very quick using natural aspiration. The VTEC B20 engine is a very strong motor and could take forced induction if applied, however there is always something special about a fast car that is all motor. The ability to build and tune to achieve such a great number as high elevens in the quarter mile is a cornerstone of CMB-Tuning.

The B20 Vtec engine used features 1973 cc of displacement from it's inline four cylinder engine. Now here is the good part, the B20 Vtec has a 84mm stock bore and 89mm stock stroke. Upping the ante by boring and stroking the motor, easy horsepower waits to capitalize on the already large dimensions. A stock red line of 6300 RPM can also be modified by upgrading the internals. A seven to nine thousand RPM red line is possible when the B20 Vtec is appropriately modified. Higher strength valves, lifters, crank, pistons, rings, and rods are some of the few mods needed to gain higher red line. One can also tune the Vtec to activate earlier, resulting in a more satisfying power curve.

The B20 Vtec engine is also naturally a torque monster waiting to be unleashed. It's stock figures show 126 horsepower at 5400 RPM and 131 foot pounds of torque at 4300 RPM. Any engine that has a higher stock torque value than horsepower value is always going to be  a great engine to modify. After looking at the stock engine figures, the magic of an eleven second naturally aspirated CRX is in the weight reduction. Stock weight of this vehicle is only 1,800 pounds! With a detailed weight reduction package, you can bring the vehicle to under 1,500 pounds. Front wheel drive improves traction, so this light weight monster can rocket down the strip and achieve that eleven second quarter mile time.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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