5,000 horsepower Ford Focus

A jet powered Ford Focus generating over 5,000 horsepower via thrust is a totally amazing engineering accomplishment. The ability to combine a jet powered engine of such size into a very small Ford Focus wagon is thriving with detail. The amount of precision it takes to build such a machine is uncanny. There is no way "anyone" can just throw together a 5,000 horsepower jet powered Focus and not blow themselves up. Do not even think about attempting this modification unless you have experience with jet engines. If you are serious about it, consider going to school for it.

Jet powered antics are thriving within the community since rocket technology has become more relevant. The use of missile technology can be found in green drag racing via hydrogen peroxide propelled vehicles. Comical use of jet technology can be made from the backyard turbo kit and infused with a rascal-like jet powered mobility car. Jet technology was also used for stunt purposes during the 1970's antic, "one mile super jump". More recently, a jet powered Datsun Z ripped through the desert. Ever since the war technology came out, there has been a fascination to try and straddle a missile like a bucking bronco and ride it down the quarter mile. Sounds like fun to me! Let's put rocket technology to good use and break speed records.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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