BMW M5 'Madness' street drift!

BMW comes from the factory ready for the race track, and the country club. A few mods can be easily added to simply let the engine breathe better, tighten the suspension, improve the gearing, and forced induction will yield a German race car. The BMW used for drifting madness is the E39 M5. It's large enough but yet small enough, ideally sized for both luxury and racing application. The engine used was named "S62" and is a derivative of the M62. It produces 394 horsepower, and features a 7000 RPM redline. This massive power and high RPM is balanced by "Double-VANOS", a BMW technology similar to Honda's V-TEC but adds the control individual butterfly valves found on each cylinder.

The transmission of the M5 is a Getrag Type-D six speed, which is similar to the Toyota Supra. Capable of holding massive horsepower, this is a very strong component of the vehicle. The 2.54 second gearing and third 1.62 gearing creates a very strong power band for drifting around 30 to 45 miles per hour.

This vehicle has been modified extensively. Suspension mods include PS9 Bilstein coil overs, Eibach front and rear sway bars, Dinan front and rear strut bars, Power flex bushing, Rouge transmission mounts, and TC rear sway bar mounts. This modification package effectively tightens the chassis to the wheels and creates the desired handling required for drifting.

Engine modifications include Miesterchafts stainless steel exhaust system with x-pipe, Supersprint headers, K&N air filter elements, and a custom ECU tune to accommodate the mods. These modifications allow the engine to flow more air and improve timing to increase both top end and low end power. The ECU tune completes the exhaust and intake modification and ensures safety during operation via the prevention of detonation.

If you are going to go faster, you need to be able to stop quicker. Increased speed and handling calls for improved braking. Brake modifications include a Stoptech option 2 big brake kit, and stainless steel brake lines.  By adding the larger big brake kit, this improves surface area and stopping distance from all speeds dramatically. The stainless steel brake lines ensure that the hydraulic fluid reaches the calipers promptly when activated by removing pressure flux from rubber lines.

The clip below shows a modified version of this already well built monster tackling the drift like a madman. An excellent driver paired with a properly built vehicle can do wonders. Pay special attention to how the modifications decrease chassis roll and improve overall response. German vehicles like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Porsche all improve greatly with slight modification. They come with strong internals, but typically need little tweaks and tightening here and there. Once built, they perform like a race car!

 Video content: BMW drifting 'M5 Madness'

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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