Nissan GT-R catches on fire!

Grab your smores because there's a Nissan GT-R fire! Totally annihilated and prepared well done, the GT-R was burnt to the crispy frame and ready for tow truck picking. This fire is so bad, melted plastic probably had to be scooped up with giant soup spoons. At the time this happened, the GT-R was easily around $115,000 USD due to extreme rarity. Watching this GT-R burn to the ground is like igniting one hundred grand on fire. Godzilla spits fire, but he also cooks pretty well! It is rare for a GT-R to catch fire, and chances are that this one was highly modified and thus the reason of fire.

Anytime you take a car and add performance parts or upgrades, you risk the chance of fire. Tampering with the fuel system specifically increases the odds of vehicular fire loss. Anytime you run a turbo, you need fuel to accommodate that extra amount of air. All of this air and fuel can yield more power, but that means there's more fire generated under that hood. Should any fuel related item break seal and leak, your talking at least 50 psi of fuel being sprayed in every direction. Within seconds your engine bay is soaked in gasoline and the heat from the exhaust ignites it. Instant fried turbo goodness!

There are many ways to mess up a fuel system when rebuilding a turbo vehicle. Utmost care and concentration must be used during the rebuild. Take your time, do it once, and do it right! Research if you aren't sure, the internet is a great place to discover input on vehicle modifications. If you aren't sure, take it to an ASE certified performance shop and let them deal with it. They have the proper tools, procedure, and experience to handle a fuel system upgrade and avoid cooking your ride.

Video content: Nissan GT-R cooked well done

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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