BMW M5 street races Ferrari Maranello

A race against German and Italian automotive engineering, the BMW wins for top speed. Mid range speed was dominated by the Ferrari, but the BMW still holds together really well against this exotic sports car. The BMW is really the ultimate driving machine, designed with all idealistic features in mind. Comfort, performance, drivability, reliability, safety, and technology all make up the modern goals of BMW when they design a vehicle. Watching the M5 run side by side with a Ferrari, and then beat it in top speed is major kudos for BMW's engineering team.

The amount of precise engineering needed to accomplish this task is very vast. Let's break it down into a simple formula. You have a vehicle rolling down the road, how do we make it quicker? There are three basic properties to a fast vehicle; friction, power, weight. Reducing friction through the vehicle's moving parts can increase speed dramatically. Everything needs to be smooth from bearings, crank, valves, axles, etc. Next, overall power verse weight ratio must be assessed. Removing weight adding power increases speed, but degrades drivability and luxury. For it to hold the BMW name, it must be easily driven and perform like a racing machine. Not only is it the ultimate driving machine, BMW is the ultimate daily driver. Here's proof of the claim, enjoy!

Video content: Night racing, BMW M5 vs Ferrari Maranello

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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