Top three Batmobile replicas

The Batmobile is one of the most prolific sports car's in history and Batmobile replica videos have been spotted throughout the world. The Batmobile features high performance, extreme technology, and a very exotic appearance that is unlike any other vehicle on the road. Uniquely bold, the Batmobile was fast enough to chase down the evil villains but yet savvy enough for the local soiree held by the most prestigious of city figures. It quickly won the hearts of automotive enthusiasts since it's inception. A jet powered car with enough gadgets to make NASA look like child's play, that is also driven by the cities finest crime fighters; awesome! A good theoretical question, if the Batmobile had to race James Bond in a "no holds barred" match, who would win? Slam!
The first Batmobile replica video shows what I consider the best replica yet. Located in Stockholm, this is nearly a 100% identical replica of the 1990's Batman series. Climbing walls, chasing villains, and all the other good Batman stuff comes with this hot sports car. That Batmobile is truly the custom fabricator and modification specialist's dream. It's especially popular amongst owners of black sports cars. Bang!

Video content: Batmobile replica video #1

The second video of the Batmobile replica series shows us a 5.7 liter LS motor swapped into the 1989 version of the Batmobile. A nice raspy growl and deep exhaust note is emitted as the caped crusader's vehicle is fired up. Built by Zcars, this '89 Replica sounds just as good as it looks. Pushing the performance level to the limit, the 5.7 liter is a perfect engine to capture Batmobile's infamous power. By using the 5.7 liter V8 as a building platform, this Batmobile could easily see 1,000 daily driven horsepower by use of forced induction, internals, and tuning. It's already got the awesome exhaust built in, so all that's left is the boost. Boost it Batman! Zoom!

Video content: Batmobile replica video #2

The third and final Batmobile replica video is from the classic Batman series. This is the vehicle that made the series popular amongst it's first viewers. Many Batmobile replica's have been made, but it's always the classic versions that pull the most weight. For example, if a classic Batmobile was in a car show against a modern Batmobile; who do you think would win? It's a tough call but I'd have to say the classic. Due to it's age condition it's going to be hard to compete against. Enjoy the last clip and check out what the classic Batmobile should look like. Pow! 

Video content: Batmobile replica video #3

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