700 hp Honda hatch vs. Kawasaki Z1000

Four-wheeled cars in theory shouldn't ever be quicker than  two-wheeled motorcycles, but sometimes they are. The 700 horsepower hatchback used in the following racing footage found by "Fly-By Motorsportz" is much quicker than the competing 1000cc motorcycle. Motorcycles of this caliber are quick too, so it's not like we are racing 600's. We are comparing oranges with oranges, and yet the car comes out on top! Not only does the hatch beat the bike, it leaves it multiple car lengths in the dust. Next time you motorcycle guys think you can race a JDM, you better look under the hood. The hatch used below isn't the only car to smoke a bike, and it's very common to see light weight JDM vehicles laying the smack down on their two-wheeled counterparts.

Now that being said, a turbocharged or heavily modified bike will once again beat the modified or turbocharged JDM. However, I still find it very exciting to see a car beat a bike regardless of modifications. Motorcycles are so fast, they reach top speed at unbelievable rates. If you've owned one, you know what I'm talking about; it's an instant ticket to thrill. To see a Honda smoke a bike, that is totally amazing. Forced induction light weight vehicles are popular because they yield performance motorcycle speed with the safety surroundings of a vehicle. Bikes are fun, but they lack the secure feeling of a closed cabin. Watching the video below, I can practically feel the boost. Hang on to your mouse, this is a quick one.

Video content: 700 horsepower hatchback races motorcycle 

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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