200 mph standing mile: Mitsubishi Evolution II

Running 200 miles per hour in a Mitsubishi Evo 2 is no easy task, but when Yusuf Begic took his Evo from the cold streets of Chicago he had a goal in mind. By listening to the astounding cheer after the run, it sounds like his 200 mile per hour goal was met! Thanks to his mounted camera, we get to watch the entire run from start to finish. Running 38 psi and E85 fuel, Yusuf was able to complete the Texas Mile run at exactly 200.2 miles per, which is extremely fast for a vehicle of his type. With stock interior, body panels, and no  under tray or extended front air dam, this second generation Evo proved that Mitsubishi has a quality design even from factory.

The Evo 2 was a great vehicle to own when it first came out, and even to this day it's OEM performance is second to none. The Evo 2 is basically an upgraded version of the Evo 1, with the same engine and torque specs. However, horsepower was increased to 252 @ 6,000 RPM and torque numbers stayed at a generous 228 foot pounds at just 3,000 RPM. As you can see, Yusuf has definitely made some aftermarket modifications to this vehicle in order to achieve a top speed of 200 miles per hour!
Yusuf's "Flyin' Evo 2" specifications:
  • 1993 Lancer Evo 2
  • 681 horsepower / 470 ft. lb. torque
  • 4g63 2.0 liter engine
  • Autronic ECU
  • 2900 lb. weight
  • Engine modifications:
    • FRH intake manifold, Q45 Throttle Body w/ Hal adapter plate, Devo Tuning stage 3 head, Shearer Fabrications T4 header, Aura Racing T70, FP 2 cams, DV/DT fmic & uip, Ross 8.0 pistons, and Crower rods.
  • Quarter mile time: 10.45 @ 142.7 mph
Source: TunerFriends profile

Other OEM improvements were made to the second generation that would help it achieve such a high speed with mostly stock parts such as wider tires, larger spoiler, and a thicker sway bar. Overall, the Evo 2 was about improved power and suspension handling, with a slight exterior design change. Even though the future Evo's would come with more power, the original generations are still highly favored due to their incredibly low curb weight of just 2,700 pounds. If you were wondering what all the fuss is about the Mitsubishi Evo, take a look at it's stock specifications combined with aftermarket part availability and it will all become obvious. One can take an Evo just as Yusuf has done, and turn it into a high speed monster capable of out running even the most high priced exotics. Job well done Yusuf!

Video content: 200 mph Mitsubishi Evo 2 at Texas Mile 2010

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