Greatest car stunt in the world '3x back flip'

Performing a triple backflip car stunt is only for experienced professionals with the ability to assemble a proper ramp. Using a hill to their advantage, this crew was able to pull off a triple backflip and land it safely. The vehicle didn't land on it's own, but the driver wasn't killed so that's half the battle. To land a triple backflip on the wheels and keep driving is nearly impossible. A backflip video that landed correctly can be seen here, but it's legitimacy is still to be determined.

Flipping cars is nothing new, but recently jumping them has become more popular. Stunt men have always been the highlight of modern entertainment, as they define what is the true limits of our reality. No matter how the stunt is procured and regardless of the outcome, the stunt man still wins. They win because they get the promotion whether the stunt goes good or bad. The only way a stunt man can "lose" is to die. With all the job insecurity out there, stunt men and women will always have work.

How did this flip actually happen? With the right trajectory, the flipping energy can be absorbed and the flight path will still be in the air. Using a pull cord and anchor, once the vehicle reaches the end of the ramp it is forced into a spin. What is next from modern stunts? Will we see more death defying action, or will CGI create more dull feats of calculated risk?

Video content: triple back flip car stunt

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