700 hp Honda S2000

The Honda S2000 cranking out 701 horsepower is code named "S2000 from hell" and appropriately backs up it's claim. Turning over 700 horsepower thanks to extensive modifications, this Honda S2000 is one of the hottest on the web with almost 350,000 views on YouTube. This kind of power in a light weight roadster is a force that many can't even begin to comprehend. On the outside, the S2000 appears somewhat stock. First you will notice the side exhaust which exits the fender, followed by hood louvers and tinted windows. Just your average Honda S2000 right? Wrong.

The amazing feature of this build is that it still makes use of 100% stock motor and transmission parts. The Honda S2000 from the factory was designed with the avid aftermarket tuner in mind. Honda understands and dominates this automotive niche very well. Since the middle 1990's, they started to make vehicles more tuner friendly. Along the generation after generation of keeping the street racing performance tuners in mind, Honda finally produced the modern S2000. The AP1 Honda S2000 features an inline four cylinder engine with dual overhead cams and VTEC. It also comes with a 6-speed manual transmission and a Torsen limited slip rear differential to make the package even more inviting to the performance minded consumer.

To achieve this kind of power, the Honda S2000 from hell used the following modifications:
  • Borg Warner S372R
  • 1000 cc injectors
  • T1 race manifold
  • Dual Tial 44 mm external wastegates
  • T1 tuned
The video footage below shows just how powerful the 8,800 RPM engine found in the AP1 S2000 can be when properly modified. Modifications are typical just with any engine, more air in and more air out equals more power! However, due to the VTEC feature this air volume is amplified after VTEC kicks in. The ability to modify valve lift duration has had Honda at the top of the automotive tuning world since it's inception. Others have followed, but no one can reproduce the famous VTEC as well as Honda. Check out the following video to see the Honda S2000 from hell whooping up on some very tough competitors.

 Video content: Honda S2000 with 701 horsepower "S2000 from hell"

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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