Honda Civic and Subaru street race through Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey is quickly making way in the world of automotive performance. Regardless of strict laws forbidding street racing, the performance and culture is quickly spreading amongst enthusiasts. A truly amazing performance package, the following Honda Civic hatch features a K24 swap in the EK4 hatch. Tons of power per pound, this car can really dish out the pain. Take a look at the picture below as the Civic blows by the competition. Yeah, it's that fast!

This EK4 Honda Civic hatch features 635 fwhp dyno proven, 6 speed manual transmission, AEM engine management system, front mount intercooler, upgraded turbo, fuel system, and is running 1.5 bar! This is one extreme Civic. It can't even keep traction at interstate speed once it hits VTEC, it just lights up the tires. That must be an extraordinary feeling when the traction breaks loose at cruising speed! VTEC really makes the difference and improves the air flow once it's activated. To learn more about VTEC and how it works, click here.

Racing against a few competitors such as a 500 awhp Subaru, C6 Corvette, motorcycles, and other the technology and performance scene in Turkey is ideally defined. Honda performance for street racing is not limited to the United States, as countries like Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey are all making leaps and bounds. This engine can push the factory red line up to just under 9,000 RPM indicating that additional internal engine work has been performed. Upgraded bearings, rods, pistons, cylinder walls, valves, lifters, cam shaft, the whole works is typically upgraded to racing spec materials and design in order to achieve such high amounts of RPM and power. Check out the following video footage to witness the awesome Honda Civic hatch from Istanbul, Turkey ripping up the streets!

Video content: 635 hp Honda Civic street races in Istanbul, Turkey

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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