700 HP Twin turbo Porsche 996 GT2

The Porsche is a beautiful vehicle, and when modified for racing it becomes quite nostalgic. Porsche and racing just go together, you can't get the two away from each other. The following video shows a Porsche 996 GT2 "Bi-turbo" which uses a twin turbo forced induction system on the Porsche 996 GT2 motor. These kind of performance modifications require extensive tuning and precision methods otherwise failure is imminent. Designing and building a race car from a stock vehicle is a timeless tradition that will continue to carry on regardless of the fuel medium we are using. Porsche modifications and racing is a key and integral part of nearly all historically relevant production class racing.

Covered in orange and appearing very omniscient, the Porsche 996 GT2 twin turbo is a beast at corners, acceleration, and top end power. A constant power band and raspy growl from the boxer engine creates a torque ridden driving paradise. No matter the corner nor speed, the 996 GT2 twin turbo has plenty of power waiting for your beckoned call. A simple press of the accelerator, and you are whisked off to paradise via flight 996. What a machine!

Building, driving, and owning a machine like this takes years of experience, thousands of dollars, and ample amount of wrench time. Constantly tuning, repairing, or improving is the name of the high performance game. If you aren't ready to commit your life to a vehicle, don't bother getting involved. Building a high performance vehicle literally opens a Pandora's box of issues, so get ready to spend some time and money in the garage. To the true enthusiast, disaster is looked at as an opportunity for pleasure.

Video content: Porsche 996 GT2 twin turbo with 700 horsepower

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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