How to parallel park the fun way!

Learning how to parallel park can be a difficult task, but can be done quickly if properly practiced. The basics of parallel parking are exactly like what you learn in driving school, but to park parallel quickly is completely different and goes against all common logic and public roadway laws. The basic and slow form of parallel parking consists of finding a space, checking the rear view mirror, lining up the vehicle, changing to reverse gear, releasing the brakes, turning the steering wheel appropriately, and then finally shifting back into drive to pull forward and complete the park. Sometimes, that just takes too long and that's when learning how to parallel park quickly can come in handy.

Watching the video below, you can see the parking formula is much different than the standard parallel park. Some things are still the same, such as finding a space and lining up the vehicle. However, lining up the vehicle is done completely different, and lines up the front end to the closest vehicle's front bumper. Learning to parallel park quickly should be first practiced using cones instead of vehicles, unless you have a very deep pocket book and disregard for others personal property. Practice makes perfect!

Parallel parking quickly should be one smooth motion, starting out by entering the space in a circular motion to transfer the vehicle's weight appropriately. As you can see in the footage below, the driver doesn't activate the emergency brake until the vehicle's weight is proportionate to the space available. Keeping an eye on the rear of the vehicle start the slide as you are perpendicular to the curb. Keep the steering wheel controlled so that the front and rear line up perfectly, sliding the vehicle into place. Once the vehicle is in place, be sure to secure it via neutral or parking brake. Overall, this stunt is totally illegal for public road use and should be practiced many times before attempted in a controlled environment.

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