800 horsepower Honda S2000 by CFT

Central Florida Turbo has done it again but this time using a Honda S2000! Cranking out over 800 horsepower, this monster build can be seen slaughtering competition on the streets of Florida. Toyota Supras nor turbocharged Mustangs can keep up with the CFT 800 horsepower Honda S2000. No corners were cut when building this extremely fast S2000. Complete carbon fiber intercooler piping, external wastegate, CFT top mount turbo kit, full blown fuel rail kit with 1200 cc CFT injectors, and a CFT water and oil catch can to top things off brings the S2000 into legendary status. When CFT builds a vehicle, they go all out!

Check out how carbon fiber can be found everywhere on the vehicle. The hood, the trunk, and even the piping inside of the motor all host the glorious carbon fiber. Tial external wastegate, GTspec cross member, upgraded tires and rims plus more was all used to the full extent to build this street worthy beast. The best part about modifying the S2000 is the extremely high red line. It's the top end of this motor that allows it to win races. If you notice, when the other cars shift the S2000 still has plenty of RPM left to go. This allows it to lurch ahead of even the toughest competition, a fully built Toyota Supra. Kudos to the builders of Fernando's Honda S2000 "S2king". Great job!

Video content: Honda S2000 with 800+ horsepower by CFT

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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