'Backwoods' drag racing: Spinners vs. Skittles

At an eighth mile drag racing strip in northern Mississippi, donk drag racing took place between an old police car re-badged as "Skittles" and a late model Caprice on massive spinning rims. The fourth generation Caprice on spinners features a 4.3 liter V8 with a mild 200 horsepower at 5200 RPM and 235 foot pounds of torque at 2400 RPM. We must realize the Caprice was a vehicle designed with comfort and luxury in mind, so there is plenty of room to eliminate silencers, weight, and emissions to gain power. The small V8 still packs plenty of punch with a 94.9 millimeter bore, and with 9.9:1 compression ratio it's ideal for supercharged application. The cast iron block is strong enough to be built like a classic hot rod, and that's what real donks are doing.

The older Caprice is a Caprice Classic, and remains a member of the third generation Caprice. It's base V8 engine model featured a 4.4 liter 267 cubic inch cast iron block, while the optioned engine was a 305. It featured a Rochester Dualjet carburetor, and yielded only 150 horsepower. Much room for modification, this Caprice was also had very limited room to breath. Some basic tweaks of the carb and intake/exhaust flow, upgrade the spark, and easy Caprice power can be made. Making use of old hot rod style modification, the third generation Caprice is a performance monster waiting to be unleashed.

Seeing these two icons of legendary hot rod power race against each other is extremely surreal. Many have wondered what the battle would be like to see two Caprice generations racing each other. Add the glamor of blinged out rims, and now we have entertainment! Watching donk drag racing is an acquired taste, sort of like a fine beer. It looks goofy at first to most, but when you realize the great ability to push something so massive down the road at great speed; you have just become apart of donk. Donk isn't always about clubbing, booty shakers, and wild cars. There is a performance side too! I am very impressed by donk drag racing, are you?

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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