Millions of dollars in exotics ruined during Miami flood!

A massive flooding that occurred at a North Miami Beach dealership flooded millions of dollars worth of exotic sports and luxury cars. Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and other high end German and Japanese vehicles were all flood damaged. It is a shame to see dream vehicles destroyed by the sour smells of Miami's infamous flood waters. It's not everyday paradise gets flooded, but it does happen. The bad part about this flooding, is that it's all saltwater. Those vehicles you see sitting there are now 100% loss.

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So what happens to these salty exotics after a flooding? According to the randomly drawn local exotic guru, it depends on the situation. If the vehicle is destroyed and there is interior and engine damage, it will likely be rebuilt and sold at a less reputable dealership. If it's just the engine, or just the interior, a the exotic manufacturer will issue new parts based on an insurance claim and rebuild the destroyed vehicle. This is usually reported on the CarFax report if the dealership has any integrity or their is an official insurance claim. Dozens of exotics go damaged with out being filed on CarFax due to the large amount of money being involved in the purchase of these vehicles.

The next time you guy and buy an exotic, make sure it wasn't a previous hotel for Nemo and his salt water friends. Signs of salt water damage can be hard to find if the vehicle has been rebuilt, but if you look close you can find places the detailers missed. Look in the cracks of small movable plastic pieces, if you see white residue consistently you'll know it's been in salt water. You'll need two points of obvious salt water before you can verify the damage. After checking the first spot, check somewhere else on the car that isn't anywhere near the first spot. Check somewhere else, but check the same theoretical water level. Keeping this plane will allow you to determine if the vehicle has seen flood damage. If you are in the market for an exotic, be careful! Stick with a local exotic dealer you know and trust.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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