The best rally car manufacturer: Lancia

Overall, the Lancia manufacturer has been picked by as the most successful rally car. Watching the extensive footage, it is simple to see why. Lancia is rich of rally heritage, and can be found participating in rallies around the world as early as 1972 when it took the International Championship for Manufacturers. Making a strong statement and building an entire company around rally, nomination for Lancia as number one manufacturer just makes sense.

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Classic rally footage always brings the Lancia into view. Rally greats such as the Lancia Delta are considered the most successful model designation ever to compete in rally. Beyond the Delta, the Lancia Stratos also was a high bread winner of the manufacturer. Being the first car designed from scratch specifically for rally competition, the Lancia Stratos was a monument to the early 1970's rally explosion. Through out rally history, Lancia has been by it's side. Bringing in new viewers by unique yet functional appearance, all Lancia vehicles stand out of the crowd and can be easily identified.

More examples of Lancia dominance can be seen in classic on board footage of the Delta S4 Group B. This were exciting races, light weight enough yet full of power and perfect gearing. The Lancia handles as if on rails, and always ready with a perfectly placed gear. The continues power band of this car combined with amazing traction and chassis balance led to many victories. To give you an idea of this vehicles speed, it could accelerate on gravel from zero to sixty two miles per hour in only 2.3 seconds. Hold on to your mouse while watching the Lancia S4 classic on board footage!

Video content: Lancia Delta S4 classic onboard footage

Enjoy this following footage of WRC history as we honor the Lancia as the best manufacturer to grace the gravel streets of rallycross! While you watch this video, pay special attention to the design of the vehicle. Ample clearance, great balance, and exceptional chassis layout all are attributes of a great rally car. An honor of Italy's quest to conquer all forms of automotive racing, the Lancia is to rallycross as the Ferrari is to autocross! Great job Lancia, your vehicles have changed the world of rally forever.

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