Audi TT vs. Yamaha R6

It's truly something when you see a car walk all over a crotch rocket. A late model Audi TT powered by a Garrett GT3082R massive turbo plus supporting mods is a potent combo. Enough power at 20 psi to kill a very fast motorcycle, the Audi TT modified is a very fast vehicle. This race takes place on the Autobahn and we are very lucky to see it. Both vehicles take off from a roll, and the Audi TT is a victor by far. A great race, enjoy the following footage and testament of how powerful the Garrett line of turbochargers can be when installed correctly with the right supporting mods!

The Audi TT is not an easy vehicle to modify. Thanks to the German computer integration, these vehicles like Mercedes-Benz and BMW are not technically tuner's favorites. They take special equipment that is not common in performance shops. If you plan to modify your Audi, you must seek a specific Audi tuner. Good luck finding on here in the USA, because they are extremely rare. If you find a good Audi tuner, treat him with utmost respect because chances are high you won't find another. A good tuner is the difference between your build being a timed detonation, or an excellent example of mechanical superiority.

As the race starts off, you will see that the R6 actually hangs in there for a second or so. This is during the boost lag experienced by the Audi as the massive GT3082R spins to build pressure. Once boost is built, watch out! Boost lag is the only problem when running a massive turbo. Some builders choose to go with a supercharged setup, but with the right supporting mods you can minimize boost lag. Porting and polishing, race cams, and a slightly leaner tune can decrease boost lag. The idea is to force as much air out of the motor as smoothly and quickly as possible, while maintaining up pipe exhaust pressure in a non disruptive manner. External wastegates are typically used to even out the pressure and reduce up pipe turbulence. This Audi is built right, but sounds like it could use some work on reducing boost lag.

Video content: Audi TT races Yamaha R6

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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