BMW 750 crashes during high speed 'Saudi Drift'

Drifting is a very dangerous sport, and performing the "Saudi" style drifting pushes the limits even further. The goal of the "Saudi drift" is to push the vehicle out of control, and then regain control at the fastest speed possible. Performing the Saudi drift on vacant roads and interstates our friends in the middle east push drifting to the limits. The following video features a 2006 BMW 750 getting pushed over the limit and drifted into oblivion. Destruction, chaos, and mayhem pursue as the BMW is totaled by the uncanny drifter.

Watching the first few drifts, you can tell that he is really pushing the limit. Gaining total respect for the first few runs, he totally blows it in the end. However, in Saudi drift this gains you even more kudos! Saudi drift is not like conventional drifting. It's all about staring fear and death square in the eye and calling their bluff. Saudi drift draws a line in the sand between men and mice. Which side do you fall on? If it's the same side as these guys, you're on team crazy. I can appreciate this sport, but I personally think it's border line insane. Even though it's crazy, they sure do make it look fun.

Saudi drift is the most hardcore form of automotive pleasure out there, and it pushes the limits of logic and sanity! Conventional track drifting gets pretty intense, but it's nothing compared to the wild antics of Saudi drift. Good luck topping the KSA boys with their wild Saudi drift, I don't think it can be done. This isn't the first Saudi drift participant to wreck, and it surely won't be the last. Spinning a car at these speeds is literally rolling the dice. Sometimes you make it, sometimes you don't. That's the game of Saudi drift. For this BMW 750, it's game over.

Video content: BMW 750 crashes while drifting

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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