Twin turbo Corvette runs 8 second quarter mile

Late Model Racecraft, or LMR, is a very talented group of automotive enthusiasts that know how to push the limits of vehicular possibility. The twin turbo C5 Corvette built by LMR recently ran the quarter mile in 8.63 seconds at 145 miles per hour! If that's not fast, then I don't know what is. In the time it took you to read the two previous sentences, the LMR twin turbo Corvette has already reached 145 miles per hour and passed the quarter mile; that's how fast it is. To build a machine like this takes years of experience, a deep pocket, and the will feverish will to succeed. You can't just throw together an eight second car over night, or within a year's time frame to be exact.

Building a car like this, one must take every aspect of speed into consideration and then more. Weight, aerodynamics, horsepower, torque, and the driver must all be modified to the extreme status. When you look at vehicular modifying as a whole, there are three types. Those that want daily driven gains, those who want to push their daily drivers to the limit, and then the third type that wants the most amount of power regardless if it breaks stuff. Constantly replacing and upgrading parts, eventually the vehicle can be strong enough to handle the high performance stress. A builder can estimate what parts need to be replaced, but chances are the vehicle will always show it's weak points.

Paying special attention to the following run, you can see that both the driver and vehicle must be perfectly in tune with one another to harness such a blistering run. The best part about this run is that the car wasn't running to it's full potential and when approved will run even faster times. Lifting up at 7.3 seconds into the run, the driver was forced to let off the gas. All that's need is some improved frontal down force, and we should see better numbers. There's a chance this is really a seven second vehicle! By the looks of it, I'd say the next run will be in the upper sevens or much lower eights.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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