Dodge Charger on 30 inch wheels

The Dodge Charger is one of America's most iconic large body sports cars that has been throughout time the center of many custom builds. A unique take on the Charger, 30 inch rims complimented by a candy green paint job and custom interior makes this a very clean ride. The beauty of this donk is that the Charger is outfitted with a very powerful engine, of which the rims can barely compromise. One would think riding on thirty inch rims would kill the performance, but with the stock specifications of the Charger's V8 rated at 368 horsepower at 5200 RPM and 395 foot pounds of torque at 4250 RPM, this donk Charger still has plenty of power. Sitting tall with torque to spare, the new donk's are quickly becoming the leaders in donk performance.

The world of donk is quickly evolving past the car shows and into the sports car scene. Outfitted with massive rims and powerful motors, these vehicles can actually put up a decent quarter mile time despite their heavy status. It's not exactly the stereotypical sports car we call think of, but the Charger whether donked or built for racing can still bring that shear joy of performance pleasure all sports car enthusiasts enjoy; but with a twist of excellent showmanship.

How quick could it possibly be with those heavy rims and voluptuous interior mods? Well take this into consideration. If someone is willing to spend thousands of dollars on exterior mods, you can rest assured they are going to tackle the motor as well. A true donk doesn't just stop at the visual game, they go for performance too. In the world of donk, if you have visual mods combined with a powerful motor that is well built, you are totally on top of the game. Forced induction, cam, beefed up engine internals, high flow exhaust and intake, and custom tunes all typically accompany the best of donk builds. The performance mods of this Charger is unknown, but it's safe to say it's packing a punch under the hood.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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