Porsche races jet and motorcycle

Drag racing from a stop, the Porsche and motorcycle give the jet a decent race. In the beginning, it looks as if the motorcycle might win. Once the jet has built up turbine speed, the race is over as it zooms past the competition. Even though the jet slaughters both bike and car, the fact they could even keep up for a few seconds is pretty amazing. Consider the cost of all three modes of transportation, the motorcycle offers by far the greatest bang for buck. For under $10,000 USD you can travel from zero to sixty miles per hour in under 3 seconds, not bad!

As the race continues, the motorcycle gains a pretty decent lead. Being it has the highest power to weight ratio and least amount of wind resistance, it is no surprise that it retains poll position for the majority of the race. After the jet passes the bike, it looks like the bike let off the throttle. Being passed by a jet taking off must be insane! Sports cars and bikes are fast, but they have nothing on jets. If you want to know who the real speed jockeys are, look to the friendly skies.

Video content: Porsche drag races jet and motorcycle

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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